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En búsqueda de nuevo material para compartir con ustedes, nos hemos encontrado con este maravilloso sitio “Con mi cuento encanto”, como lo describen ellos mismos “es un proyecto para la primera infancia cuya principal característica se fundamenta en la creación de relatos por parte de niños y niñas, como resultado de sesiones o talleres creativos llevados a cabo en diferentes lugares del país (Colombia). Estos relatos originales son adaptados para radio y cada uno de ellos cuenta con un tema musical propio. 

la camara locaSon veinte cuentos y veinte piezas musicales recogidas en un disco compacto para ser distribuido en algunas emisoras y en las bibliotecas públicas, así como en otras instancias y entidades relacionadas con el tema de infancia.

Todos los cuentos son maravillosos, nos ha gustado mucho uno que se llama “la cámara loca”, este cuento es de una región de Colombia que se llama el Caquetá, pero lo que más admiramos, es el relato que hacen los niños, la manera tan natural como cuentan los cuentos, y junto con los arreglos que la parte de producción le han hecho al cuento, con la música y los efectos de sonido, dan vida a sus relatos! Felicitaciones!


We were looking for new material to share with all of you and we have found this wonderful site “Con mi cuento encanto” as they describe themselves, “is an early childhood project whose main characteristic is based on the creation of stories by children as a result of creative sessions or workshops held in different parts of the country (Colombia). These original stories were adapted for radio and each has a musical theme itself. 

There are twenty stories and twenty tracks collected in a CD to be distributed in some radio stations and public libraries, as well as other institutions related to the theme of childhood.”

All stories are wonderful, we really liked one called “La cámara loca“, this story is from a region of Colombia is called El Caquetá, but the thing that we most admire, is how the kids tell the story, additional the arrangements and the production, with music and sound effects give a real life to their stories! Congratulations!


A fun way to learn Spanish
Especially for kids of all ages.

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An Illustrated Treasury of Latino Read-Aloud Stories

An Illustrated Treasury of Latino Read-Aloud Stories

Edited by Maite Suarez Rivas, translated into Spanish by Alma Mora with beautiful illustrations!

The World’s Best – Loved Stories for parent and child to Share! This book includes myths and legends, fables, fairy tales, riddles, history and much more.

Each story can be read in 10 minutes or less, which is just the right amount of time before bedtime, and most are accompanied by full color illustrations.

Read aloud to the children is one of the most remarkable and remembering activities, in which a parent or teacher can connect with kids.


These read-aloud Latino stories will introduce children of all backgrounds not only to the joys of reading but to the exciting, heroic and magical traditions of Latino culture.

Next we want to share one of the book’s history, that leaves a great teaching:
The blind Man and the Cripple.

While walking down a windy path, a blind man tripped on a rock and fell. “I cannot go on by myself. This path is too difficult.” He rested on a rock and waited.

A little while passed, and the blind man heard someone approaching.

“My friend,” said the blind man.

“Would you help me find my way?” “I would very much like to help but I am lame.
The path is windy and my legs are having a hard time of it alone. You look well and strong.”

“Yes, I am healthy. It is not my legs that give me trouble.
It is my eyes. I am blind.” “Luck is not on our side,” remarked the lame man.

“You are healthy but cannot see. I can see, but can barely walk.
Nevertheless, I have an idea. What do you think if I lend you my eyes, and you help me with your feet?”

“Great idea,” answered the lame man. “Alone we may not get to where we are going.
But together we are sure to finish this walk.”

So the blind man bent down and the lame man sat on his shoulders. Using the blind man’s legs and the lame man’s eyes, the two proceeded along their journey.

Said the lame man to the blind man:

“Take me on your shoulders.

You will be my legs,

And I will be your eyes.”

So let’s read and have fun while learning!


A fun way to learn Spanish
Especially for kids of all ages.

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