“One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.”  Frank Smith

One day, we decide to create a website to share our language “Spanish” and because we are passionate about the Spanish language and we want to share it with the world, in October 2008, we created www.onlinefreespanish.com. With interactive activities for everybody, we offer games, lessons, tips, and resources, so everybody will be speaking Spanish in no time! We think that making Spanish learning fun, the whole family can get involved, and with new lessons each week, everybody can learn something new all the time.

Spanish is growing increasingly popular as a second or third language in a number of countries due to logistical, economic, and touristic interest towards the many nations which chiefly use Spanish as the primary language, for that reason our site opens with a simple and straightforward point: “Spanish opens the door for you to communicate with 350 million people worldwide”.

We began with a small idea that has been growing and we have been feeding daily to provide a moment of entertainment and knowledge to all who have believed in us.

We can only say thanks for your support and for your interest in learn our language.