It’s time to celebrate Valentine’s Day is here! In south and Central America Valentine’s Day is known a “Día del Amor y la Amistad” -day of love and friendship- or “Día de los Enamorados” -day of the lovers-. In all these countries Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14, except for Colombia where it is celebrated on September 20.  Although it is similar to the United States’ celebration in many ways, they are some things that vary trough each country. Valentine’s Day is a traditional celebration in which friends; lovers, boyfriends or married couples express affection or love to each other.

Onlinefreespanish has created a special lesson just to talk about Valentine’s Day or in Spanish “El Día del Amor y la Amistad” .in this section you are going to find a bunch of different activities, for you to learn Spanish. For example, we have cards that you can print, and give to your loved ones in this special holiday. In addition, we offer vocabulary, click and match activity, countdown bar (to know how much y time is left for valentine’s), word puzzle. Not forgetting about our fun games! “Benny’s Game, Dunk a Pingu, Memory game, and our new addition created by our star programmer “climbing Snail”.

With our printable cards you can personalize and create your unique valentine’s cards. To got this simple click on the Valentine cards section. You are going to find two menus on your right hand side, if you click in the yellow arrows that say “borde” you are going to be able to change the borders of the card; they are 12 different designs to choose from.  After this you can use the arrows located on the graphics to chose the graphic that you most like, they are 20 different graphics to choose from! Finally, after this you can change the message of the card, we have 15 different messages. You also can listen to the Spanish pronunciation of these messages, when you click on the green buttons that you have at your right hand side.

We invite you to participate and enjoy all the activities, create your own cars is fun and easy! This is a great source for all parents and teachers, due that the kids are able to enjoy and interact in Spanish , while they create their own greeting cards and be able to practice and learn Spanish!

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