It’s the birthday of Online Free Spanish!

That’s right, is celebrating being six years old. That’s six years of one of the most fun ways for people to learn Spanish. Knowing Spanish provides so many benefits and allows people to communicate with millions of people around the world. There are so many great games to play and so many activities that allow you to effectively learn and speak Spanish! What could be more valuable? We’re very excited to celebrate the sixth birthday of our site and we hope that there will be many, many more to come and we can keep sharing with you all our fun activities to help you either learn a language or just brush up and be even more fluent in a language you already speak.



We rebuild and change our star games so that you can stay current on your learning! There are so many great games to play on our site that we know that you’ll keep coming back for more. Great games are available at Online Free Spanish from the memory game, to Dunk A Pingu, AnimBalloon Race, Beenny’s Game, Sopa de letras, and many more. Learning hardly feels like work when you play these interesting animated games that help you learn the Spanish language with ease!

Try a great game like Monkey Bet to learn more Spanish! Learning any new language involves getting to be familiar with the basic structures of that language. That includes the alphabet, the grammar, and basic words. Monkey Bet helps you to understand the alphabet of the Spanish language and makes the process of learning the letters simple by engaging children and adults in a game with letters. This game may seem simple, but it’s fun and effectively teaches the letters of the Spanish language so that you or your children can go on to become fluent and even more familiar and advanced in learning the Spanish language.
benny game 2014
We couldn’t run this website without your support! We know that you love using the site and we want to appreciate you while celebrating the sixth birthday of Online Free Spanish! We will continue to have outstanding games that challenge you. The mind is a muscle, and the more you can exercise it in a language, the more you will learn! Have a blast while playing all the fun games available that take your Spanish comprehension to the next level. We want to help you learn the language and have fun doing it. Thank you for celebrating Online Free Spanish’s birthday with us and we hope you will continue to celebrate learning the interesting and fun language of Spanish with us for many more years.


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