“Comprensión de Lectura,” on its English name “Reading Comprehension,” is a popular and effective activity that aims to help children practice by reading short passages, then answering a couple of questions that verify how much they have comprehend of those stories.

We already created two stories:

1. El carro de papá :: Dad’s car

el carro de papa1


2. El cumpleaños :: The Birthday

el cumpleanos


We continue this section with El fútbol :: Soccer.

el futbolThis is the story of a kid who loves play soccer with his friends. What makes “El fútbol” a truly beneficial and efficient opportunity for children is the approach used to help them improve their language skills considerably.

Besides helping them pronounce words cursively, this activity is extremely fun and enjoyable, which will keep them engaged the entire time, therefore increasing the likeliness to actually learn Spanish substantially. As they navigate through the story, children can also color the images, save their coloring book and recover it later to continue coloring on it.

Hope that your kids enjoy this activity!

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