We can not pass this great idea! and great work from two teachers in Pittsburgh Concord K-5.


“This spring, it started two foreign language clubs that meet weekly at lunch and are taught by two paraprofessionals at the school — Celia O’Brien, who is a native Spanish speaker, and Jason Bhandari, a Bhutanese refugee who is native Nepali speaker.

Ms. O’Brien and Mr. Bhandari are assigned to Concord because it is a center for English as a second language, or ESL.

Of the 451 students enrolled at Concord, more than 100 are not native English speakers. Most of them speak Nepali, but other languages spoken include Spanish, Burmese, Karen, Vietnamese, French and Swahili.

“There’s a real need for the community to be aware of cultural diversity here at Concord,” principal Jessica Colbert said.” (from: www.post-gazette.com full article here: http://ow.ly/xFcol)

Can we do the same clubs in our schools? Can be possible that our principals agree with this idea?

We think we can do it!

Share your experiences with us, we are sure everybody can learn from others!


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