¡Hola profesores! Another school year is right around the corner. Whether you’re looking to spice up your existing lesson plans, get ideas for entirely new ones or find an online resource to help your students outside the classroom, on OnlineFreeSpanish we have justo lo que están buscando.

You know that a fun and engaging classroom set up is the first step to helping your students learn. We agree.

That’s why we’ve created attractive ready-to-print classroom coloring pages.

These coloring pages are great because they can double as material for classroom games. Your beautiful classroom is just one click away.

Reading out loud is one of the best ways for kids to build vocabulary and learn grammar. They see the language in use as they hear it. We’ve got a wide range of minilibros with audio, so your students can do just that. Whether you’re teaching about family or your students are into adventures, we’ve got you covered. Let’s read.

We’ve all had catchy tunes stuck in our heads before and so have our students. As Spanish teachers, we’d like it if those songs were in Spanish. That means our students will have their “Spanish brain” on without even thinking about it. Check out our playlists for a variety of tunes from holidays to senses. They also include movements to follow, so they fit the learning style of any child. Take a look here.


It’s clear we’ve got you covered on all the big things you’ll need for your classroom. However, what about those small things you can add to keep your students engaged and wanting more? OnlineFreeSpanish gives you Spanish Word of the Day.

It’s a great way to introduce new vocabulary.

Also, because the words are familiar, it’s easy for you to use them in your lessons. The kids will be excited about each class to see what the new word will be! So all you have to do it click here to see it.

We know that our students will learn a lot in our classes. However, learning also has to take happen when school is not in session.

We have dozens of online games that allow will your students to learn while they play.



They’ll build vocabulary on everything from clothes to farm animals, and master those pesky verb conjugations all while having fun! Our lessons and games were created with all levels in mind, so it’s perfect for students learning to count and for students ready to take on more complicated topics like irregular verbs. The best part is that the lesson

s come with self-check quizzes built in so they can fix their own mistakes right away and be proud of how much they’re improving! They can play and learn right at home, with their parents or anywhere else. All they have to do is go here.

A new language is one of the best gifts a child can get. Helping a child get there is very rewarding. ¡Hasta pronto!






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