Reading constitutes one of the three most important aspects of education, helping children improve their skills when attempting to learn a foreign language.

Once your child learns the Spanish alphabet and familiarizes with pronunciations at a basic level, practicing becomes critical to reinforcing his language abilities and perfecting his diction. “Comprensión de Lectura,” on its English name “Reading Comprehension,” is a popular and effective activity that aims to help children practice by reading short passages, then answering a couple of questions that verify how much they have comprehend of those stories.

el carro de papa1El carro de papá” is the story of a father and his son Carlos, who wash the car every Saturday using soap and a sponge, thus leaving the vehicle impeccably clean and shiny. Once your child accesses this activity, he will be able to successfully read the story in Spanish by clicking on the book icon, labeled “Leer.” By doing so, not only will they be able to successfully read the sentences written in Spanish, but they will also manage to hear the correct pronunciation of every word cursively, with intonation, which will automatically help them pronounce just as well.

The best part is that, even when the audio ends, they can stay on the screen and practice reading until they completely understand what is being said. To navigate through the story, kids will only have to click on the arrows that appear on the left and right sides of the non-colored image depicting Carlos and his father.
What makes “El carro de papá” a truly beneficial and efficient opportunity for children is the approach used to help them improve their language skills considerably. Besides helping them pronounce words cursively, this activity is extremely fun and enjoyable, which will keep them engaged the entire time, therefore increasing the likeliness to actually learn Spanish substantially.

el carro de papa 2


As they navigate through the story, children can color the images as desired by clicking on the pencil icon on the left. Considering that all children can better assimilate information and abilities when also engaging in an activity they enjoy, “El carro de papá” is undoubtedly going to help you lay a solid foundation for his Spanish language abilities for the future.
To verify whether your kid has understand every detail of the story, you can click on the second icon labeled “Prueba,” right under “Leer,” which will prompt your child to a series of 9 questions he needs to answer in regard to what happens in the story. This will test not only his attention, but his overall reading comprehension and even his memory, reinforcing skills taught during school day and broadening his career spectrum from early years. The more probation questions he answers correctly, the higher his accuracy percentage (score) is going to be.

Whether we talk about teachers or parents, “Comprensión de Lectura” is a powerful educational tool that can be used in order to help little ones take their Spanish language skills to the next level in a fun, efficient and timely manner. They can read, be it loudly or silently, they can color pages, and they can challenge their own abilities to obtain the highest score when answering the probation test, additionally they can save their coloring book in the computer and recover it every time that they want.

Much to your delight, you can always use the format of this activity to create new stories and activities that can improve children’s understanding of Spanish and keep their language acquirements fresh.


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