Playing with bubbles!

Milan loves to play with bubbles, but she is blowing too hard, and now there are bubbles everywhere!

Let’s help her to pop the bubbles! Start popping the letters of the alphabet indicated in the bubbles!

For children learning the letters in Spanish, playing with bubbles game is a practical and fascinating way to master the names of the letters. “Jugando con Burbujas” allow kids to recognize the uppercase and lowercase Spanish letters. The game’s objective is to click in all the bubbles that have the letter that the audio said.

The key to learning the letters is hearing them constantly, and this game supplies lots of repetition. First, children must play the game slowly to be familiar with it; then, they can increase to fast levels.

Pronunciation matters! The audio from the native speaker gives the student a fundamental tool to learn how to say each letter.

Children can practice writing the letters in lower and Upper case; capital letters require moe strokes and are therefore more challenging for young children to make.

Jugando con Burbujas” is a fun game and an easy way to master the names of the letters in Spanish, reinforcing the sounds and the writing of each letter.

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