In our section “Spanish word of the day,” we have a new design just to help you understand and learn more Spanish every day!

We create a new format that contains the Spanish word, and an expression that uses the Spanish word, with sound buttons and a game!

Yes, a game that divides the word in syllables and the expression in words, and you need to arrange the syllables to build the word and organize the words to fix the expression! That will be truly fun and will help you to learn more Spanish every day.

The pronunciation is very important in a language, for that we invite you to repeat the word and the expression multiple times, this practice benefit you to understand the concept of the word and familiarized with the sounds of each syllable.



In Spanish, the syllables don’t change the sounds! that makes the Spanish pronunciation easier.

Using our “Spanish word of the day” will help you learn one word every day and will enrich your Spanish vocabulary.

Gracias for using our new tool.

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