In this great activity the children get to dress a boy or a girl. They can select the character that they want to dress (7 options). Players begin to pick out a piece of clothing to place on the character, by clicking on the 14 options for clothing and accessories that are available.

piyama – pijama
pantuflas – slippers
zapatos – shoes
guantes – gloves
blusa – blouse
vestido – dress
camiseta – T-shirt
abrigo – coat
bufanda – scart
medias – socks
falda – skirt
pantaloneta – shorts
pantalón – pants
cinturón – belt

Each item has five different color options, which mean you can combine the colors and the style!

Every time that the kids pass over each piece of clothing, they will see how to write the item in Spanish, and they’ll hear the pronunciation.

The colors in each item and the characters are very clear and with a good design, that made the game easy to understand and enjoyable to play.

Click this link to go to the game.
We invite everybody to enjoy this activity is really fun!

A fun way to learn Spanish
Especially for kids of all ages.

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