Do you know that minibooks remain a fun way to learn Spanish and other new languages? Knowing how to speak Spanish will open the door of communicating with over 500 million people globally.

Do you also know that the cognitive part of your children brain will be highly improved when using minibooks? Are you looking for great minibooks that can help your children learn Spanish? Online Free Spanish is the place to visit for the best minibooks that can help you kids learn Spanish. This content will help you discover the benefits of using minibooks for your children’s improvement.

veo con mi pequenoI Spy With My Little Eye: This is an aspect of minibooks that can help your children learn new words and things. For instance, a child can have a container of flowers placed in front him. This will help your children to identify the words used for such kind of description. Another great example with the above title is a ball. Your children can easily know the meaning of “round – redondo” in Spanish.

There can be a scenario when your children can spy and find a heavy object such as “whale – ballena”. With a light object such as “leaf – hoja”, you kid can as well identify it easily in Spanish. Even with something furry such as “dog – perro”, your children can also know the right to call it in Spanish. “Elephant – elefante” is a big object that your children can learn from. Insects such as “ants – hormigas” are small in nature and your kids can easily know the real name Spanish. When your children spy with their little eye, there is every possibility to understand words such as round, heavy, light, furry, big, small, and just to mention a few.

cuando sea grandeWhen I Grow Up: Another aspect of quality minibooks remains on when your children grow up. They will be able to know the right words to use for issues pertaining to their activities when they grow up. For instance, when a child grows up, he may want to be a pilot – piloto, artist – artista, vet – veterinario, writer – escritor, builder – constructor, train driver – conductor de tren, and just to mention a few. This part of minibooks is to basically help your children know their desire and wish.

donde esta el mostruo libroWhere Is The Monster? Thisarea of minibooks will help you children identify where to find a monster’s location. For instance, a monster can be under or on top of a table. There is every possibility for the monster to be found behind the window or inside a box. If the monster is next to the sofa or in front of the front of the door, you children will be able to identify it properly, with all the translation in Spanish.


There are other areas of a minibook that your children can learn a new and language. This can be found in the likes of “my duties – mis deberes”, “What sport do you like?  ¿Qué deporte te gusta?, “My mom and me – Mi mama y yo”, “What I like to do in the park? – ¿Qué me gusta hacer en el parque?”, “In the circus – En el circo”, “The party – la fiesta” and just to mention a few. The main benefit of minibooks is to help your children learn comfortable a new language such as Spanish. If you are looking for minibooks that can help in improving your children brain, Online Free Spanish service is the place to visit.

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