We are so excited to announce our new game to help kids learn to read in Spanish, and also acquire excellent pronunciation. The Slide and Find Syllable Puzzle lets kids form words by combining syllables. This is the natural way to learn to read in Spanish.

silabas game slide
In English, children learn to read by sounding out letters. In Spanish, the consonants are combined with vowels and children learn to read syllables. They first read ma, me, mi, mo, mu and then read the syllables combined into words: mamá, mima. Next, the words are combined to form sentences: Mi mamá me mima.

In the Slide and Find Syllable Puzzle, you are combining syllables to form common words. The game consists of making a complete picture by matching the parts and at the same time combining syllables to make the word represented by the picture. When you combine the pictures to a ‘cow’, you will also combine the syllables ‘va’ and ‘ca’ to make ‘vaca’.

There is native-speaker audio for each syllable, so players can “sound out” the word the same way native speakers do as they learn to read. If the parts of the picture do not match, the sounds will not make sense. When the parts of the picture make an object, the sounds form the word. The picture serves as a visual reminder of the meaning of the word and also a way for players to self-check by forming a complete image.

rompecabezas silabas

This new game is an entertaining way for kids to learn vocabulary and also learn the sound system in Spanish. The Slide and Find Syllable puzzle teaches them reading, pronunciation and new words as they play.

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