We are very happy to announce a new section in OnlineFreeSpanish, Mobile Apps.

If you have an Android smart phone or tablet you’ll be able to install our free App “Spanish Alphabet Coloring”, and for iPhone and iPad too.

Especially for kids of all ages, Spanish Alphabet Coloring is a fun and interactive way to learn and practice Spanish. In this app we work only the alphabet, and each of the letters with pictures have sounds with correct pronunciation.

If you like this app and find it useful, please take a few seconds to give us a rating and let us know your opinion leaving a comment, is really important to us! Thank you.


Estamos felices de anunciar que Onlinefreespanish lanza su primer App!. Si usted tiene un Android o una tableta puede disfrutar de nuestro App “Spanish Alphabet Coloring”, al igual que para iPhone o iPad.

En cada uno de estos links, usted podrá instalar totalmente gratis este App “El Alfabeto para colorear“. Cada letra tiene un dibujo alusivo a la letra y su pronunciación correspondiente.

Si a usted le gusta este app y lo encuentra útil, por favor tómese algunos segundos dando su calificación y su opinión sobre este App, es muy importante para nosotros. Gracias.


A fun way to learn Spanish
Especially for kids of all ages.

2 Replies to “Spanish Alphabet Coloring! – App for Android and Apple!”

  1. I installed app, & can see pictures, but we can not color them or hear any prenounciations.

    1. Maria, you need to click over each picture, when you are inside the picture, you can color and click in the sound button to hear the pronunciation. Gracias x your comment!

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