My son always likes create a new stories, he has a great imagination, and now, he can build his histories with that is a nice resource to create different stories and poems.

Like story bird describe in his web site: “Storybird is a visual storytelling community.  Storybird is a global hub of readers, writers and artists of all ages.

Our idea: let anyone make gorgeous, art-inspired stories in seconds.

That simple idea has made us indispensable for millions of people. Teachers rely on us to get students from K-12 writing and reading. Families adore us for our constant stream of stories. And tweens and teens use us to connect with each other and express their angst.

We’re one part educational platform, one part real-time publishing, and one part social network. And we’re 100% nifty. ”

Here are the links for some stories that my son already created:



the strange animals

sam and gregory journey
lo que me hace feliz

I hope that this resource help you, and help all the kids to create their stories!

A fun way to learn Spanish
Especially for kids of all ages.