Dear teachers and parents, the end of the school year is just around the corner!

Keep your child actively engaged in learning Spanish over the summer!

Download our Summer Spanish Activity Packet week-by-week, with fun activities for kids that stimulate Spanish Language Learning!


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Summer is the perfect time for kids to learn, to investigate new things. Summer learning packets are an invaluable resource for both parents and children. Onlinefreespanish learning Spanish packets include different type of activities that children experienced in the classroom during the school year. The activities created in this packet may easily be adapted to meet the individual needs of the kids and only take a short amount of time to complete.

Let us know how the packet work!


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A fun way to learn Spanish
Especially for kids of all ages.

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6 Replies to “Summer Spanish Activity Packet”

  1. I tried clicking on your monthly calendar, but the links just take me to a “link shortener”, not an actual site. I tried all of them. I was hoping to share this with my students.

    1. Mrs. Amy, thank you for your comment, we change the graphics in the monthly calendar. Please click on the graphic for each month, if you are using explorer, firefox or chrome, after you click on the graphic, you will be in a pdf file, click in each blue link you can see each lesson, if you are in safari for mac, click in the blue link doesn’t matter that you don’t see the mouse hand, if you click over the blue link you will be able to open each lesson.

  2. Thanks for the site, I am using it with my 8th grade Spanish class that needs to take the FLACS exam in New York State. Yes they are about 12 and 13 years old, but is good interactive site.

  3. Hello!
    Thank you for the free material and summer program!!!
    Noticed reviews and quizzes at the intermediate/advanced levels.
    Wondering if you will be adding assessments for the beginner levels or intermediate?
    Thinking of offering summer spanish at our school.
    It would probably be a shorter/condensed time frame.
    Do you recommend how to implement your materials at a condensed time frame?
    Thanks so much for your website, materials, and for your time!
    Deb Twietmeyer

    1. Thank you for your comment, You can review all our lesson in our website, we have 4 levels that you can use any time. They are beginner, intermediate, advance, and holidays.

      We offer our lessons free and you can use them, any time that you want and in any frequency that you prefer, because we don’t know what time do you have. The summer calendar condensed all our content, but you can manage it, in the time that you prefer.

      Thank you again, and hope you continue using our site.

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