By Carlos Acosta

There are many reasons to learn Spanish but here are the 10 main reasons why.

10. “To be able to communicate in any foreign Spanish-speaking country” this means that when you decide to travel to another country like Spain you will meet people who doesn’t speak English.

9. “To be able to communicate with other Spanish-speaking people without ever leaving the United States” Lets say you meet a friend and you both have a lot in common but he/she only understands Spanish. You need to know Spanish to help communicate with your friend, especially when he/she is your partner in a project.

8.“To improve your English skills” if you don’t understand English grammar then you have a chance to improve that greatly by studying Spanish. Spanish grammar in like English grammar except in a more specific form, so if you understand the concept of Spanish grammar then you understand English grammar.

7. “To understand and use Spanish words” its great to say some Spanish word like “el carro” and “la torta” but its better to understand and apply those words when it comes to sentences.

6. “To increase your career opportunity” when your applying a job, you need to choose you jobs wisely. If you can speak may languages and want to apply only to one job, then you have a higher chance to find that job because you can travel around the world and still understand some countries languages.

5. “To learn about Spanish art, poems, music, history, foods, and films” its good to know about the history of the U.S but its better to understand and you could be surprised about the different cultures of many Spanish countries. Many famous authors, musicians, directors, artists and chefs are Spanish speaking people.

4. Its also great to see the famous sights and attractions like Aqueduct of Segovia in Spain or Alhambra in southern Spain.

3. You can also taste some of Spanish’s foods like sweet corn cakes or baked cheese balls, they taste better than they sound.

2. “Tt helps you open your mind and it makes you and interesting person” to learn Spanish is a real challenge to a person who only speaks English but if that person succeeds in Spanish then that person has accomplished a great goal in life.

1. Learning to speak Spanish helps make your brain develop and make it active. And, just like the famous Spanish speaking people around the world, you can have a hidden talent that might make you famous like making a Spanish song or movie.

This doesn’t just apply to Spanish, it applies to all languages like French, German, Chines, Japanese or Russian. All of these languages will help open your mind to new and exciting things. So always learn something new.

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