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Día de la Tierra (Earth Day) is one of the most complex and helpful Spanish lessons within “Holidays and Celebrations” chapter, bringing a number of engaging activities for both children and adults who want to learn more about this international event. Thankfully, these activities can help all children understand the importance of our environment, allowing them to walk away having greater knowledge regarding the most appropriate ways to protect the earth against pollution and other harmful factors.
The first activity, “Earth Day”, enables children to successfully remove all trashy items, including cans and bottles, which contribute to polluting the environment at a great deal. Once all items are banished, children will be able to see 12 images that depict several concepts and items related to the environment, including recycling, a soda can and a bin. By clicking on each image, they will be able to see the English name of the item in question, followed by the pronunciation of its Spanish name and, finally, the syllables that form it.
dia de la tierra2“Go Green” is the second and most helpful activity, which comes with plenty of ideas and tips on living a green life to protect Earth’s natural environment. By clicking on each image, children will be able to see these tips in both English and Spanish version, and the small audio icon next to them will allow them to hear the Spanish version being pronounced. Not only will they understand the importance of going green, but they will also be able to improve their Spanish language skills substantially.
The “Memory game” activity incorporates the classic memory game within it, but the only difference is that the cards will display environment-related images and graphics. Furthermore, “Dunk-a-Pingu” aims to test children’s understanding of protecting the environment, such as recycling, prior to the Earth Day. This activity is basically a hangman-style game, as children have to select the right letters in order to form the Spanish name of the image depicted on the whale. Not selecting the right letter will determine the ice block on which Pingu stays to break, until he will fall in the cold water.

There are, of course, many other excellent activities for those children who want to learn more about the Earth Day. “Beenny’s Game” requires kids to guide Beenny the bee through the labyrinth and solve all challenges in order to progress. The “Word Search Puzzle” activity involves searching specific words that are Earth-related within a square of letters, whilst the “Recycling Game” requires kids to sort items in the correct recycling bins. The more items they sort correctly, the bigger their score will be. Moreover, the “Coloring Pages” are printable, depicting several items that are highly related to Earth’s natural environment.

dia de la tierra

Each activity within “Día de la Tierra” lesson will increase awareness, allowing children to learn about the best practices involved within protecting the Earth from pollution and other factors that might damage it. All activities are very engaging, and they can even improve kids’ Spanish language abilities, permitting them to develop a cultural sense that can manifest later in their lives positively, determining them to act against pollution and support Earth Day.


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