Have you ever asked yourself what you would like to be in the future? Of course, you want to be a superhero, or perhaps a beautiful princess, but you cannot become one if you do not choose your path and find the profession to suit you. Even though there are many opportunities out there, finding the right one for you is going to be daunting. One day you want to be a doctor, the next you think about pursuing a career as a photographer. Your career is going to have a huge influence over several aspects in your future life: family, kids, and even your sense of well-being. The truth is, you have to find a profession you love – maybe you want to become a hairstylist, just like your mother, or perhaps you enjoy fixing things up, like your father.


Moreover, there are also hundreds of other possibilities that can help you become a superhero or a princess. What about becoming a handyman, just like your best friend’s father? Or maybe a successful businesswoman, like you have previously seen on a magazine cover. The secret to finding the right career to pursue is finding something – anything – that you really love doing, so you can become better at it and propel yourself forward all the time.

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Do not be worried if making a choice seems too overwhelming – you will have plenty of time for that as you grow up. However, showing interest in a specific profession early on can allow you to become a big boy/girl faster than other kids of your age, and wouldn’t you be proud of it? Ask yourself what you want to be in the future, and do not forget that changing your goals is not a bad thing – not at all.

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“Las Profesiones” lesson is going to provide you with great ideas regarding possible professions that you can choose in the future. Once you access the lesson, you will be able to see eight different icons, the first three offering you the opportunity to learn about a couple of careers that you can pursue. Each of these three icons are part of the same chapter so to speak, presenting you a number of possible professions that you can choose, ordered alphabetically according to their Spanish name. Beyond the suggestive images, you will be able to hear how to properly pronounce every profession, and your Spanish skills will certainly improve since there are also the syllables and letters that form the name of that specific profession, as well as its English counterpart.


Explore all professions, then enjoy the other five entertaining activities that “Las Profesiones” lesson comes with. The first, which is “Beenny’s Game,” will require you to guide Beenny the bee through the labyrinth and pass the obstacles by writing the (Spanish) name of each profession showed in the image. The next one, “Memory Game”, will require you to find the matching professions on two cards. The “Word Search Puzzle” is a little more entertaining since you will have to be very concentrate to spot all professions in the puzzle, so you should pay close attention to the arrangement of the letters. The coloring pages will probably be fun since you can print all of them and start coloring them exactly as desired; what is more, you can print them out as many times as you wish, not to mention that your Spanish language skills can also improve due to the fact that each page depicts a profession, along with its Spanish name, syllables, letters and English counterpart. The last activity, “Dunk-a-Pingu”, is similar to “Beenny’s Game”, being designed as the hangman – you have to form the Spanish name of all professions depicted on the whale using the letters on the screen. Every time you fail, the ice block will become smaller, causing the penguin to finally fall in the cold water.


Going through the “Las Profesiones” lesson will have many advantages for you. Not only will it help you find an inspiring career to pursue in the future, but it will also allow you to learn more Spanish and improve your current language skills substantially. Your vocabulary is going to become richer, and your pronunciation abilities will also be better. Due to its large spread, Spanish can help you move a step forward towards the profession that you like most, so you can really become the superhero or princess that you have been dreaming of.

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