At OnlineFreeSpanish we believe that everything starts at home. That’s why we’ve created the magnetic board, La casa. Whether you’re a teacher who is looking for fun and new useful material for the classroom, or a parent who wants to make sure their child gets some extra practice at home, La casa is what you need. Knowing Spanish will open the door for your student or child to communicate with 400 million more people worldwide.

La casa is a magnetic board that looks like a house that we’ve specially designed to help children learn everyday Spanish vocabulary about family and life around the house. La casa also comes with tons of activity ideas and games for both the magnetic board itself and our complimentary online component that teachers can use in the classroom and that parents can use at home. Your kids will be sure to have lots of fun as they learn. The set includes an attractive magnetic board, 34 engaging magnetic figures and 80 magnetic words in Spanish and English all in a bag for easy carrying and storage.

La casa is an excellent fit for Spanish language learners of all levels. Children just beginning to learn Spanish will have fun racing to name the objects or people in a scene. They’ll also enjoy creating their scene and then matching the word magnets to the picture magnets.

If your student or child has a more advanced level of Spanish, La casa is perfect to help them with prepositions, adjectives and practice forming and answering questions. By placing the picture magnets in different locations around the house, they will be able to naturally learn to answer questions like ¿Dónde está (el gato)? Later, you can reinforce the vocabulary while introducing new material by talking about el gato:

-¿Cómo es el gato?
-Él es pequeño y café.

Switching roles with your student or child will not only keep them engaged, but it will also increase their fluency by being able to switch between asking and answering questions efficiently. Employing physical components (the magnets) while speaking and listening will ensure that learners of all types are given it the best opportunity to succeed. Also, using their sentences, the students’ brains will make permanent connections about vocabulary and grammar without them even knowing.

These and other fun and educational La casa board activity ideas are just one click away!

As a teacher, you know that the best way to help your students learn is by keeping them engaged and wanting more. As a parent, you know that at home your child should practice what he learned in school. You also know that your child can’t get enough technology. That’s why we’ve created more than a dozen online activities that teachers, parents, and students will enjoy. Our online activities focus on all aspects of language learning in a fun and engaging way. Take a look!

You can purchase the La casa magnetic board on Amazon or eBay. Also, as always, we offer the online activities for free.

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