The Chiva Bus: from the Colombian Andes to Margate city! – The brightly colored “Chiva” means “goat” in Spanish is a #Colombian icon: these hardy buses have been ploughing the mountainous roads of rural #Colombia since the beginning of the 20th century.

Chiva buses introduced in Colombia, in the department of Antioquia in the 20th century. The word “chiva” means “goat” in Spanish, a reference to the ability of these animals to take on even the toughest Colombian mountains. It is also a Colombian slang for “news” – this references their early role as a means of passing on messages between formerly isolated villages and towns, even now many Colombians using this expression. They are also known colloquially as “escalera” buses, meaning the ladders attached to the back of the bus, to allow the people also add the goods at the top for transport purposes.
The design of these buses allow the people to up inside bus in a natural way and carrying all the goods that they brought in fair or supermarkets, easy you can find hens, pigs, and sacks of potatoes, corn, flour and much more.

These”chivas” buses are famous in some United States cities like New York, Miami, Los Angeles where the people use them to create parties with music and some “aguardiente” liquor from Colombia, while the bus is doing a tour around these cities, with Latin music and rumba!

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