Los Colores

Learning the colors represents an important step towards enhancing Spanish language skills. “Los Colores” is a lesson that aims to help children learn all colors and enjoy a number of activities that will definitely help them understand everything in a better way while having fun. There are ten available activities to enjoy – to access them, children only have to click on one of the icons located in the main interface of the lesson.

coloract1The first activity, “Colors”, should be the first they access, as it teaches children the colors. Each color comes with a matching pen and its Spanish name written on the pen. The colors are presented gradually, and children will be able to properly pronounce them due to the fact that each color comes with an audio pronunciation. After all colors are presented, children will have to choose the correct color of the object that will be presented on the right side by clicking on the pen with the respective color.

coloract2Color Game” – “colorea las figuras” is an engaging activity that will allow children to deepen their knowledge about the colors. The activity requires them to color each object according to the name of the color presented below each one. To color them, children have to select the matching pen on the right side, then click on the object that needs to be colored in that particular shade.

coloract3Color Pages” – “páginas para colorear” is the following activity – as its name says, this activity involves ten coloring pages that present children each color, along with three objects that can be successfully colored using it and four texts: the Spanish name of the color, its syllables, its letters and, at the very bottom of each page, the English name of the color.

coloract4Word Search Puzzle”- “sopa de letras”- involves finding the Spanish name of each color in a difficult, yet extremely enjoyable word puzzle. Once children find a color, they have to click on the first letter, then advance to the last one. The color will be automatically marked as found.

coloract5Beenny’s Game” – “el juego de beenny” is the next activity; children have to guide bee Beenny through a labyrinth. To progress, they have to guide Beenny to each frog, then solve the puzzle they will be presented. The puzzle will present them with a color, and children have to select the correct letter to form its Spanish name. Once they do, Beenny will be able to advance towards the beehive.

coloract6Memory Game” – “juego de memoria” involves finding each matching pair by clicking on the cards. If children manage to find two matching pairs, the cards in question will disappear; if, on the contrary, they do not manage, the cards they have selected will turn upside down. The game will continue until they will find all pairs.

coloract7Music”- “canción de los colores” is probably the most engaging activity since children will be able to listen to a song that presents them all colors, along with various other objects that are colored with it. The song consists of both English and Spanish words, so that children will be able to sing along and have a lot of fun while learning Spanish.

coloract8Click-n-Match Pages”- “seleccione y empareje – actividad para imprimir” is an activity that permits children to match an object with its color in both Spanish and English. The pages can be printed several times by clicking on the print icon located on the right side. When printing, children can select whether to have fixed columns, included solution and a solved line by clicking on each button. To get a new printable, they only have to click on “New Printable.”

coloract9Dunk-a-pingu” – “el juego de pingu” requires children to first select a difficulty level, then write the Spanish name of each color according to the hints. To get a hint, children have to roll the mouse over the whale and they will see the color whose name they have to write. Once they know the color, they have to click on the letters that form the name of that color until the entire word is formed. They can advance to the next one by clicking “Next Word.”

coloract10Click-n-Match” – “seleccione y empareje” is the last game from the “Los Colores” lesson. To play the game, children have to match the English name of the colors with their Spanish one; first, they have to click on the Spanish name, and second, on the English one until all colors are matched.



Because we know the importance of this lesson, we created a new free coloring pages, you can print and laminate the number 1, so you can have this model for your class! And print the number 2 for the kids, so they can practice the colors and have fun, while they color the pencils!











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