elcuerpo humanoColoring pages constitute an excellent opportunity for all parents and teachers who want to help children learn Spanish language fast and accurately. There are sixteen categories children can choose from, including Body, Bugs, Toys, Backyard, Face, Halloween, Farm Animals, Pizza, Happy Easter, Christmas and many others. Once they select a category, children will be automatically redirected to a page where they will be able to see various elements that belong to the category in question – for example, if they select “Bugs” category, they will see various printable A4 pages with a beetle, ladybug, butterfly and other insects.
Each A4 page includes an image of the element in question, along with its English name and other three texts: the Spanish name of the element, the letters it is composed from and the syllables that form it. For example, a page presents a picture of a butterfly (which is its English name), along with its Spanish name (la mariposa), its letters (m-a-r-i-p-o-s-a) and its syllables (ma-ri-po-sa). Below these three texts, there is the English name of the element – in this case, “butterfly”.

paginas para colorear 2After selecting a category and a page, children can press the big print icon on the right side in order to print and start coloring it. By going back to the main page, children can select another category by clicking on one of the sixteen icons located under “Páginas para Colorear – Coloring Pages“.
Since these coloring pages come with so many features and benefits, all children can easily learn Spanish language while having fun. After they have supposedly learn the letters of the Spanish alphabet through all the interactive activities of El Alfabeto game, children can familiarize with them and their presence in various words that use them. This will allow them to enrich their vocabulary significantly, so that they will be able to form properly-structured sentences when their Spanish language skills will advance.
Moreover, kids can successfully learn how to read the name of each element correctly, and, apart from that, they will be able to read each syllable and improve their pronunciation substantially. By reading each word entirely, syllable by syllable and letter by letter by letter, learning Spanish will become simpler than ever.Even though some words that might more difficult than others, this will offer children a better understanding of Spanish language, as they will be able to observe that each letter is pronounced differently depending upon the word it is included within.

lacaraWhat is more, printing and coloring these pages can help children learn and memorize each word accurately, engaging them in an activity they will definitely enjoy. Children can learn everything better when the environment is friendly and they are fascinated by a thing or another, so they will not have to go through boring lessons that do not allow them to learn properly. Coloring is a pleasurable activity, and children will have the chance to practice their language skills through the correct pronunciation of the words, their syllables and letters.


Consequently, the relationship between children and their parents or teachers can improve very much, and these coloring pages can be printed as many times as desired, without a limit.

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