silabas juegoThe Syllables Practice Game is an online activity that allows children to use what they have learned from the Syllables lessons in order to improve their understanding of syllables and forming words using them.

The practice game is available only for syllables ba – be – bi – bo – bu and ma – me – mi – mo – mu, and once children access one of these groups of syllables, they will be able to click on the icon with the spider located right below the arrow buttons.

This will allow them to access the game. The interface is extremely easy to navigate and comprehend, with proper instructions and imagery to allow children to understand the purpose of the game. There are three difficulty levels (easy, medium and hard), and two time options – “endless,” which permits children to practice syllable lessons endlessly, and “minute to win,” which gives them one minute to complete the game and win it. Children can adjust these settings per their wishes or skills, and clicking on the “Play” button will then run the activity.

silaba game araña2Once the game starts, a bowl with crackers will appear, and a spider will come down in order to take one. Each cracker includes a word using one syllable belonging to the selected group, which is missing. Clicking on the cracker will allow children to listen to the pronunciation of the word, and the select one of the syllable in order to complete it.

On the right side of the game interface there are five circles, which equal the exact number of syllables available in one group. Once the spider comes down to “steal” a cracker, children have to listen to the pronunciation of the word, then take the correct syllable on the right and drag it to the cracker in question. If their answer is right, the spider will drop the cracker back in the bowl; if, on the contrary, the answer is wrong, the spider will take the cookie and another spider will come down.
The bar located on the top of the screen indicates, from left to right, the difficulty level, the score and the number of wrong attempts from a total of five. Once children reach that number, the game is over, and they can restart it by simply clicking on the “X” button located in the right upper corner of the game interface.

silabas todas

The Syllables Practice Game constitutes an excellent manner to help children improve their language skills and learn syllables in a more engaging way. After going through the Syllables lessons, they can easily use their knowledge in order to stop the spiders from eating the crackers – an activity they will definitely be

determined to win and master. Once they manage to pass the “Easy” difficulty level, they will be able to advance to “Medium” or even “Hard,” which will make the game more complicated since the speed of the spiders become significantly greater.

Syllables are essential for learning Spanish language, so practicing them through this game will transform the lesson in an engaging activity that will captivate children’s attention and will permit them to develop their current language skills to proceed to the next level.

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