MonkeyBet is one of the activities included in “El Alfabeto” lesson, which aims to help children understand the Spanish alphabet easier. MonkeyBet requires the player to feed the monkey with the banana that hides the letter showed on the sun (which is displayed in the upper left corner of the screen). The good thing is that the children received a hint regarding where the correct letter is if they click over the banana, they can hear the sound of the letter that the banana has, that is a good hint to know where the correct letter is. Once they select their banana, they have to keep clicking on it until the letter hidden behind it shows up – if it is the correct letter, the monkey may keep climbing in the tree, but if it is not, it will fall on the previous branch. If the monkey fails five times, the game is restarted.


From the beginning, the player may select the difficulty level, as well as the order in which the letters will be displayed on the sun. By checking the corresponding boxes and pressing “Play,” they will be able to start the game. If they fail, they can replay it any time they want. The score is displayed on the top of the screen, as the monkey gets 10 points every time it eats the correct banana.
Learning Spanish language from early years may open a number of doors for those individuals who plan to forward their career and become important persons. Spanish language is extremely spread around the world, as it is spoken in several regions of the American continent, in Spain and in other areas of some European countries. The job market requires potential employees to talk at least one foreign language and many hiring managers require Spanish language, which can help individuals at a great deal.

Spanish language is not complicated and, if it is learned from childhood, people can easily improve their language skills as they grow up, speaking this language perfectly. There are several advantages of learning this language, as all individuals gain the possibility to talk to Latin and Hispanic people, showing not only appreciation for their culture, but also respect and consideration, which will definitely ensure them of a great future career. In addition, Spanish language is essential for communicating with Hispanic individuals, and it can help people in various sectors, including business, traveling and marketing sectors.
MonkeyBet aims to prepare children adequately for going to the next step of learning Spanish language, as this activity only helps them understand the alphabet better. Studies showed that learning various lessons through games will determine kids to be much more engaged in them and thus, to learn them faster than normally.

Spanish language is not complicated to learn, but still needs effort and time in order to achieve proper language skills. MonkeyBet will introduce children to the alphabet and will help them learn it easier by engaging in this activity, so that they will not find it burdening or unpleasant. Once the kids know each letter of the alphabet correctly, they will be able to form Spanish words properly.

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