bouncinggameLearning a new language at any age requires a full understanding of that language’s alphabet. The bouncing game is designed to simplify the process by engaging children in a letter game. Kids are always awestruck by simple games with bright colors. And since Spanish has become a trendy choice of language that each global citizen desires to learn and speak, the bouncing game delivers effectively. Learning this adorable and romantic linked language has become easier with a plethora of websites emerging each day offering lessons. If you desire your kid to grow up knowing more than one language then let him/her engage with this simple online game.

The game is well developed and has a cool user interface brightly colored in an eye-catchy way. The colors are finely blended to immediately draw the kid’s attention and develop interest. Playing this bouncing game is straightforward and has proved to effectively enhance the kid’s understanding of the Spanish alphabet. Just click on the icon denoted as a bouncing game with a capital letter “M” at the bottom.

m bouncingWhat enthralls enough is how the letter “M” is in constant motion, bouncing up and down and in a clockwise direction and flips horizontally reverting to its original position before landing. This goes on until you click to play the game.

Once you click to play the game you get to choose a suitable level. If your kid is playing it for the first time, there is the easy level and slowly she/he can progress to medium and finally hard. The bouncing game is colorful and each level at the start of the game can be seen in some cyan color while the easy level button remains purple since the mouse is on it first. Once you choose the level you want to play, it plays some good sounds after choosing the level and pressing the start button.

Playing the game is quite fun since the Spanish alphabet letters appear to be falling from a tall building and there is a trolley like a mouse movable at the floor. Once the letter is falling, you move the trolley so that they do not fall on the ground. Once the letter hits the wagon, its’ pronunciation follows in a smooth clear voice making understanding an easy task. You should try and let it hit the wagon twice to hear the pronunciation twice before letting the letter disappears to the right-hand side. If you let it hit once and then let it fall down the next time you lose a point. Sounds are heard as the letter hits the wagon when it falls on the floor which indicates a lost point and when it disappears to the right side.

The difference between the 3 levels is when playing easy the letter are in a slow motion but medium the speed is enhanced and as you reach hard, the letters come at a relatively higher speed and not one but many letter at least 3 letters per fall. Bouncing Game helps kids learn Spanish letter pronunciation fast and accurately since there is audio playing that also improves the kid’s accent. Moreover, it advances the kids mastery in pronouncing the letters. Let your kid learn Spanish the easy faster way.

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