Children of all ages are able to easily practice their Spanish language skills with this great online picture dictionary. The game is fun and simple to use. All one has to do is click on the letter of their choice to see an example of words that begin with that letter. Each word shows an animated picture; if you click on the animation, the word is narrated in the proper Spanish pronunciation.


There are only four pictures per letter, but it is a great way to become familiar with the language. Studies have shown that multilingual children perform better in school. Plus, it is easier to learn a language at a young age. If you want your child to speak multiple languages, then exposing them to Spanish is a fabulous way to get them started. Feel free to go over the alphabet several times a day to get them used to hearing the proper pronunciation. In time, they will be able to hear and repeat the letters on their own.

Use this colorful game in conjunction with the Online Free Spanish games to give your child a jump start on their Spanish education. This is a fun way to learn a foreign language in a modern setting that your child can easily understand. Language skills are something that your child will carry with them forever. Begin their lessons today for a brighter future tomorrow.


Why Should Your Child Learn Spanish?

Spanish is a beautiful, but difficult language to learn. It is one of the most widely spoken tongues in the United States. It is also spoken across the world from Europe to South America. Thus, even the ability to speak conversational Spanish is an asset for somebody growing up in today’s world. It is never too early to start. Plus, if a child understands the basics of the Spanish language, then they will be able to transfer that knowledge towards other Romance languages in the future.

Learning to speak a foreign language is indispensable to one’s future. A simple game like this picture dictionary can really make a difference in child’s understanding. In fact, you might even find yourself learning a new language in the process. This is a fabulous way to learn elementary words and refresh your memory. The key is to spend at least twenty minutes a day reviewing the words and alphabet. Make it a goal to learn a third of the alphabet with your child each week. You will quickly realize how much easier it is when you have visuals and narrator to help you along the way.

An animated picture dictionary will capture your child’s attention in ways you never imagined. However, you should have them work on written exercises to really drive the lesson home. Let the picture dictionary be the fun part of their work. They can write sentences or draw additional pictures of each word. Try to make up little word games as you go through the alphabet. This way your child is engaged through the whole process. They will be speaking Spanish fluently in no time!

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