The Alphabet is the first activity of our lesson “El Alfabeto”, and it presents children all the letters of the Spanish alphabet, along with a word that uses them. Once they enter the game, each letter will be presented to them, along with a picture and name of each word. For instance, for letter “o” they will see a picture of an eye, along with the word “ojo,” and they will hear the correct Spanish pronunciation of the word in question.

el alfabeto
Each letter is presented starting with letter “a” and finishing with letter “z,” each of them coming with a supporting word and picture to help children understand the Spanish alphabet and learn it easily. All the letters stay on distinctive backgrounds and the images are easily recognizable, so children will have no problem when learning Spanish. Once all the letters are presented, children can click on them in order listen the word again. This helps them have a good Spanish pronunciation, paving their way to learning this language safely.

Spanish language is largely spread in the world, occupying one of the most important places and being spoken by over 400 million people from all over the world. Learning this language and speaking it as a secondary language will provide children with the opportunity to build a better career in the future, as many jobs available in the job market require speaking at least two languages, among which Spanish is one of them. In other words, learning Spanish during the childhood will invariably ensure children a splendid future, especially because they will be able to learn an old and extremely appreciated language which will bring a substantial self-improvement.

Depending on the career you want from your life, Spanish may help you in many ways: good communication skills for business and traveling sectors, correct diagnose of patients as a nurse, accurate suspect interrogation as a police officer, etc. Either way, people can successfully mark an important progress in their career.

Moreover, cultural awareness is essential when it comes to dealing with Latin or Hispanic commerce. Having a proper understanding of each Spanish tradition might open a number of important doors, as you practically show appreciation for other cultures and not only for yours. Knowing how to deal with marketers and other business associates adequately represents a significant advantage if you want to forward your life, and Spanish constitutes an excellent way to reach the peak.

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El Alfabeto” Lesson consists of various Spanish games that aim to help kids learn Spanish easily by providing several aspects of the language in the form of games. This strategy was shown to be efficient in several cases, as children can learn everything much better if the lessons, so to speak, are presented in a playful manner. Engaging them in such activities will determine them to learn everything faster and better, thus developing their language skills and opening many doors from early years. Once they learn the alphabet, they will be able to pronounce all words correctly and go to the next level of learning Spanish language.

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  1. I want to speak fluent Spanish badly. I want my grand-children to learn it. I am a
    retired teacher. Am I too old? It is so expensive. I have many little Latino children to speak English. Communication is the door to success.

  2. El Alfabeto es una de las principales formas de iniciar a los estudiantes en Espanol. He disfrutado mucho presentando el alfabeto . Inicialmente introduzco las vocales. Doy mucho enfasis a los sonidos.
    Variedad, colorido y diversion contribuyen a que los estudiantes capten major el tema.

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