Picture Dictionary is one of the five activities included in the El Alfabeto (The Alphabet) game, and it consists of three primary categories: A – I, J – Q and R – Z.

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By clicking on one of these three categories, children will be automatically redirected to a screen where they will be able to see different pages, each of them presenting them a letter contained within one of the aforementioned categories, along with four different Spanish words using it, which come along with a supporting picture, their Spanish name and their English translation.

The pages following the page with the letter will present children each word separately, along with a supporting picture (which is bigger this time), the name of the word, the syllables it is composed of and its letters as well.
Each category has a slider located at the bottom of the game interface, which can be used in order to advance to the next pages.

The “Print This Page” button allows children to print out the respective pages in order to start coloring them. Children can then go back to the main interface of the El Alfabeto game, where they will be able to select another from the three categories of the Picture Dictionary available there by clicking on one of the icons located at the bottom of the game interface.
Since this Picture Dictionary comes with so many interesting features and advantages, children can easily learn Spanish language without problems. They can start learning the letters of the alphabet gradually, and then familiarize with their presence in various words that use them. Thankfully, reading each syllable might help them improve their pronunciation significantly, and given the fact that they are able to see and read each letter of the provided words, they will take their Spanish language skills to the next level.

coloringpage4The words included within the pages of the Picture Dictionary vary in terms of difficulty, which will permit children to have a better understanding of Spanish language. Since each letter is pronounced in different ways depending upon the word it is included within, children will be able to learn how to form their own words at the end of the lesson.
What is more, printing and then coloring the pages will engage them in a pleasurable and enjoyable activity that will make learning the Spanish alphabet extremely nice. Children can learn everything easier when they are fascinated by a thing or another, so they will not need to go through boring lessons again and again only to learn the letters. After going through the other four activities included within the El Alfabeto game, they will already know how to pronounce the letters, so the Picture Dictionary will be a great way to practice their language skills while coloring each picture corresponding to the words presented on the pages.
Children will be able to print the pages several times, so that they can color them in various ways and learn Spanish language easily, without the necessity to pay for supplementary lessons.

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