Las Sílabas, or the Syllables, is a group of lessons that aims to help children learn Spanish language through learning all syllables that help them form words.

Once this lesson is accessed, children can select the group of syllables to learn from the list they are provided with, which includes:


Selecting one of the previously-mentioned group of syllables will automatically redirect them to the lesson in question, where children will be able to see three words using each syllable – in other words, three words using the “sa” syllable, three words using the “se” syllable and so on. Each word comes with a supporting picture, along with its corresponding English translation, to allow children to understand everything clearly and learn Spanish language fast.

dadedidoduBy clicking on the respective word, children will be able to hear various audios using the same word, as it will be pronounced several times using distinctive speeds. The first version will pronounce the entire word completely, the second one will pronounce each syllable of the word with a short pause in between all syllables, and the third one will pronounce the entire word again. Each of the aforementioned syllables is highlighted in red, which will permit children to pay closer attention to the way it is pronounced.

There are three buttons on the left – the first one shows the syllable that is actually highlighted in all three words (for example, “ma”) and clicking on it will allow children to hear its proper pronunciation; the second button is composed of four arrow buttons that offer access to all the syllables from the selected group. By clicking the right arrow, children will be able to see the next syllable, along with three corresponding words, pronunciations and supporting pictures.

The left arrow will lead them to the previous syllable, while the bottom one will present them nine sentence examples that use the words presented for each syllable.

dadedidodu1There are two examples for each word, which allow children to fully understand how to properly use each syllable, along with the meaning of each word. Using the arrow buttons further will allow them to move from a syllable to another, and from one sentence example to another.
The third button located below the arrows is the print button, which allows children to print specific words or syllables in order to practice proper pronunciation and learn each syllable without using the virtual space.
The Syllables is an essential Spanish lesson for children who want to learn this language, as they will successfully be able to form words and move a step further in improving their language skills. Since they are presented various examples of words and sentences, children are able to learn how each syllable is pronounced within different words. The interface of the lesson is children-friendly and very engaging, facilitating easy learning and entertainment at the same time and transforming everything in a pleasurable activity.

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