Simple expressions are for example: “Hi how are you?” (Hola, cómo estás?), or “Help me please!” (Ayúdame por favor) and words that you can combine with another to make a really powerful sentence, for example: “I want” (Yo quiero), or  “I like” (Me gusta…), can be really helpful if you plan to travel to a native Spanish speaking country. Moreover, maybe why not being able to interact with some of your Spanish speaker’s friends that have difficulty to speak English or that are learning English.

Last time when I travel to Colombia with our kids, I need to do some shopping and my kids need to be with grandma for a few hours, but grandma doesn’t speak English, so I teach my big son some important words that can help to communicate with grandma.

The most useful word was “quiero”, because he said to grandma… “quiero…” and he takes her hand and shows her what he wants. So grandma understands what he wants, in that way they can begin communicate and interchange some words.

Here is a list of some expressions you can learn, or teach your kids that can help in any situation.

Click on the button to listen the pronunciation:

Hola, Buenos días – (Hi, Good morning) – hola buenos dias

Hasta  luego – (Goodbye) – hasta luego

Dónde está el baño? – (Where is the bathroom?) –donde esta el baño

Dónde hay un teléfono? – (Where is the phone?) – donde hay un telefono

Necesito ayuda! – (I need help!) – necesito ayuda

Quiero… (agua, dormir, jugar, comer, etc…) – (I want…water,  to sleep, to play, to eat, etc…) –

quiero agua

quiero dormir

quiero jugar

quiero comer

Por favor – (please) – por favor

Quieto! – (don’t move!) – quieto

Dame … (la bolsa, los zapatos, la chaqueta) – (give me… the bag, the shoes, the jacket) –

dame la bolsa

dame los zapatos

dame la chaqueta

Vamos! – (Let’s go!) – vamos

The most important part when you don’t know a language is a practice, and don’t think that you will do wrong, take the risk! be confident that you will do good, and the others persons will not be strangers to you.

Don’t forget learn something new every day!
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