Last week of the school! Summer camp arrives!

This is the moment to give “Gracias” to our teachers for taking care of our kids during all this year! Sending a “gracias” note is a really good way of saying thank you.

Since summer time is here, our kids will have tons of free time! – “tiempo libre” to play, “tiempo libre” to relax, and to sleep a little late. “tiempo libre” to read their favorite book, and “tiempo libre” to practice Spanish and to learn more Spanish words every day!

“Tiempo libre” to do all our favorite things, for example, coloring a book, writing our memories, cooking a delicious and nutritious meals, going to the beach or simple enjoying in the playground with our “amigos”.

I remember when I was kid; we didn’t have all the resources that our kids enjoy having now. To mention some of them, our kids have computers, internet, iPads, Nintendos, etc… They have so much technology at the touch of their little hands.

We as parents need to know the importance of using all of these resources in a good way. Our kids can find really good topics in the internet, learn something new every day, spend at least 30 minutes a day doing exercise is good for them too, and don’t forget share with friends to have a great time and memories.

We will try to create new lessons and new games every week to help our kids learn more Spanish in summer time. But practicing our lessons and activities is the most important thing.

Write the words, learn what they mean and color the print sheets. Do not forget to motivate the kids to learn something new and practice Spanish on their “tiempo libre”.

Additionaly we can find great resources in these Spanish sites!

If you have more sites, please let us know in your comments!

Enjoy the summer time!
A fun way to learn Spanish
Especially for kids of all ages.